Oil and gas moving into the era of smart integration

June 2, 2014 12:45 pm

In partnership with GASCO and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Huawei-a leading global ICT solutions provider-hosted a first of its kind conference for the UAE’s oil & gas industry, previewing how a new generation of smarter information & communication technologies are set to streamline efficiencies, reduce security risks and minimize overhead costs in the energy sector. The conference took place at the Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex in Abu Dhabi yesterday.

Huawei has a strong belief that energy companies can greatly improve their processes through new technologies, specifically the adoption of digital oilfield and intelligent pipeline solutions. Investment in this level of ICT allows oil companies to better manage and visualize data plus establish a communications infrastructure that links their upstream, midstream and downstream activities together.

The exclusive conference was an open platform for engineers and ICT decision-makers to meet global experts from the ADNOC Group of Companies as well as renowned analysts such as John Roberts, VP at Gartner to share insights on the future of UAE’s oil and gas operations.

The full day conference agenda featured a lively panel discussion addressing mobility and security in the Digital Oilfields era, a series of CIO roundtables discussing how to establish an effective ICT strategy, plus a communications technology case study about Saudi Aramco. Live technology demos will also feature at the conference. Some of the innovations being showcased include smart oilfield solutions, unified communication platforms, as well as data center facilities that are optimized for use in local outdoor environments.

According to Huawei, the main technologies that can add significant value include digital pipeline technologies – allowing a more holistic management of data and processes. Huawei’s Digital Field technologies have increased production rates and helped oil and gas companies build collaboration and enhance business efficiency.

There is also rising in popularity in the use of Telepresence or video conferencing solutions through mobile devices, enhancing communications within the energy sector and reducing operational costs and risk. Engineers are, for example, often required to work offsite at plants, on rigs or at refinement stations. Immersive telepresence systems and shared, virtualized network resources can help reduce the need for unnecessary travel as well as provide immediate contact with staff on the ground to ensure faster response times.

Huawei currently serves 12 of the world’s top 20 oil and gas companies covering 38,000km of oil and gas pipelines. Huawei has implemented a number of projects across the region in the oil and gas sector, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as global projects in Mexico, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and China.

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