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  • ein

    If You are in, keep your nerve, and re-visit your plan

    We should all also revisit the original intentions behind the investment strategies that we now appear to be stranded in. This is particularly apposite for those who are saving each month into regular contribution …

    Read full article » : Tuesday, October 08 - 2002 @ 12:23
  • ein

    Going for gold, well gold funds actually!

    But there is one sector where the golden warning has not proved appropriate at all this year, a sector where its investors are reaping gilt edged rewards, and that sector is Gold funds.

    The offshore Gold …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, September 25 - 2002 @ 12:41
  • ein

    How to spot a dodgy investment fund

    Due Diligence is a major money maker for professional firms, especially during heady days of take-over and merger activity. This is a fancy term for research to establish the truth behind financial statements.

    When a …

    Read full article » : Monday, September 23 - 2002 @ 20:43
  • ein

    Red letter warning on fraudsters

    Meet Mr. X, a reasonably experienced UK investor who has run his own business for 35 years and has his own small share portfolio. He is persuaded over the telephone to invest in a series …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, September 18 - 2002 @ 10:40
  • ein

    Avoiding the worst investment decisions

    Who wants to invest today when there could be another major corporate scandal tomorrow.

    The highest profile cases have been Enron, Worldcom, Elan and Xerox, unfortunately, these are not isolated cases. The worst excesses of the …

    Read full article » : Saturday, July 06 - 2002 @ 10:14
  • ein

    Value lessons from Robert Olstein

    During the late 1990s, he pointed the finger at technology companies as some of the biggest transgressors. Accounting mumbo-jumbo, coupled with the sector’s astronomical valuations at the time, went against the grain of a man …

    Read full article » : Monday, May 27 - 2002 @ 17:45
  • ein

    The return of the value investor

    The unexpected answer is that there are managers who do have a belief in their abilities, and who have set out their philosophy and stuck to it, and have confidence in the worth of their …

    Read full article » : Friday, May 10 - 2002 @ 17:43
  • ein

    Avoiding the con men of the Middle East

    And some even to the extent that the whole investment can disappear to support someone else’s unscrupulous lifestyle. Here in the Middle East we seem to be particularly targeted by the more determined con …

    Read full article » : Saturday, April 27 - 2002 @ 17:23
  • ein

    Introduction to the column

    I will not be tipping stocks and shares, or making claims of top level investment acumen and inside knowledge. Rather my role is as a financial planner, working with collective investments – mutual funds, bank …

    Read full article » : Saturday, April 20 - 2002 @ 11:40

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