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  • ein

    Survey research over the Internet

    TNS runs the world’s largest internet research panel in the United States – covering over 800,000 households.

    Many leading international corporations are now looking for ways to expand the range of markets and situations where they …

    Read full article » : Sunday, September 19 - 2004 @ 11:24
  • ein

    Support for Bush low across Europe – poll findings

    According to the poll findings, around eight out of ten adults in France (79 per cent) and Germany (82 per cent) and more than half in Britain (56 per cent) do not support the policies …

    Read full article » : Thursday, November 20 - 2003 @ 11:47
  • ein

    Sports sponsorship vs. advertising

    Advertising delivers a clearly defined message in a very controlled environment. It communicates an exact message in a pre-defined schedule of where and when it will appear. This makes determining exposure relatively easy. …

    Read full article » : Monday, June 06 - 2005 @ 14:24
  • ein

    Some insights on insight

    Borrowing an analogy from the world of diamonds, data is the equivalent of an uncut diamond. It holds value inside it, but in its present form, it is not of much use to anyone. …

    Read full article » : Thursday, May 12 - 2005 @ 09:32
  • ein

    Socio-economic status and knowing people

    The Gini co-efficient is a measure of the inequality in income levels. South Africa has a Gini co-efficient of 62, one of the highest in the world (Finmark, 2006).

    As a result, measures of wealth …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, July 11 - 2007 @ 09:51
  • ein

    Smelling good might be the key to attracting opposite sex

    Eye-opening new research from TNS Ncompass Online shows that what might be a big turn off in the UK can make you appear attractive elsewhere – and that different qualities attract the opposite sex in …

    Read full article » : Monday, September 11 - 2006 @ 13:31
  • ein

    Six Sigma

    In our own industry, consumer research, many suppliers now lay claim to a competitive advantage by offering better consumer insights and actionable marketing recommendations rather than simply collecting and delivering data on the consumers in …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, January 24 - 2007 @ 09:14
  • ein

    Show me the benefits of convergence

    In many markets the supply is so plentiful that e.g. homes in Korea may have 2 or 3 providers of broadband, as it is cheap enough to first have the home connected and then check …

    Read full article » : Thursday, May 18 - 2006 @ 10:42
  • ein

    Selling to text generation teenagers

    Public spaces are being reshaped by the developments and inclusion of communications technologies. It is clear that we have not had sufficient time as a society to adapt to recent communications technology developments, with …

    Read full article » : Thursday, August 16 - 2007 @ 11:29
  • ein

    Saudi women: The eternal mystery revealed

    The gains that can be made from truly getting to know Saudi women, what they want and what they need, cannot be underestimated. And if you play to the stereotype that KSA women are oppressed …

    Read full article » Saudi Arabia: Thursday, April 14 - 2005 @ 14:42

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