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  • ein

    Opportunities & strategies for change

    by Nick Williams
    How do you go about creating a work environment that suits your aspirations and allows you to create the life that you want?

    One way is to think about different ways of …

    Read full article » : Sunday, October 29 - 2006 @ 09:12
  • ein

    Top 10 annoying habits at work

    by Beverly West
    And it’s easier than you might think to rub people the wrong way, even when you’re sitting at your desk minding your own business.

    Jen Star of the Jennifer Group, a recruiting …

    Read full article » : Thursday, October 26 - 2006 @ 08:58
  • ein

    Perfect your business handshake

    by Beverly West
    And since administrative assistants are often on the front lines of a company’s public image, knowing how to make a good first impression is one of the unspoken but fundamental parts of …

    Read full article » : Sunday, October 22 - 2006 @ 08:45
  • ein

    How to make your boss your friend

    by Bradley Richardson
    You will learn a lot about each other as you work late or travel together. You may even do things socially out of the office. There is nothing wrong with this as …

    Read full article » : Tuesday, October 17 - 2006 @ 09:19
  • ein

    Five innocent ways to say, ‘I’m unprofessional’

    by Peter Vogt
    Unfortunately, though, there are many ways you can do just that, often without even knowing it.

    In most job-filling situations, the employer has the luxury of choosing from several well-qualified applicants, all …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, October 11 - 2006 @ 09:35
  • ein

    Ten ways to keep busy between jobs

    by Allan Hoffman
    The reason is simple: Employers want to know how job candidates spent their time when they were out of work. Learning? Traveling? Moping? Unless you project the image of a can-do job …

    Read full article » : Sunday, October 08 - 2006 @ 11:30
  • ein

    Guidelines for effective time management

    The final determinant is simply whether your relationship with time is a happy one that enables you to meet your professional obligations, enjoy the company of those you love, and take good care of your …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, October 04 - 2006 @ 09:06
  • ein

    How can I be more creative?

    by Barbara Reinhold
    Did you know, for instance, that on psychological tests of creativity, only 5 percent of people 18 and older registered in the “creative” range? Among 17 year-olds, 10 percent scored “creative.” But …

    Read full article » : Sunday, October 01 - 2006 @ 10:35
  • ein

    Is changing fields right for you?

    by Barbara Reinhold
    There’s a tremendous difference between job searching in a field in which you have experience, and eyeing a completely new career track.

    Wanting to escape a field altogether is not unusual. …

    Read full article » : Wednesday, September 27 - 2006 @ 10:07
  • ein

    How to ask for feedback

    by Carole Martin
    There is just about no chance that would ever happen. But when you follow up a few days later, you can try to gain some sort of feedback.

    You may find it …

    Read full article » : Sunday, September 24 - 2006 @ 12:22

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