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Advantage Lubricants from the house of Al Yousuf Motors LLC is engaged in the manufacturer, supply and marketing of automotive and industrial Lubricants and various other specialty products.
The company is a leading supplier of a quality range of MAXRIDER branded automotive and industrial lubricants to its local and international customer base manufactured from its facility in JAFZA.
Products are manufactured to international standard and tested in hi tech laboratory equipped with advanced testing facilities to ensure quality compliance during various stages of production.
We choose Quality virgin base oils and carefully selected lubricant additives to blend a range of lubricants.
Our lubricants are tailor made for automotive as well as various industries and ensure smooth functioning of the automotive engines and industrial machines. Our lubricants are known for reducing the friction between the various components, improving their efficiency, corrosion, oxidation resistant, and reducing wear & tear.
We aspire to work closely with our customers and become their first choice in lubricant solutions by offering quality products and customer service

Is a unique lubricant for ultimate engine protection and performance. It is multi grade motor oil formulated from selected mineral base fluids and race proven additive technology for use in passenger cars and light truck gasoline engines and diesel engines under all operating conditions. It provides ultimate protection in all driving conditions, low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contributing towards reducing fuel consumption and meets environmental requirements.
MAXRIDER PLUS 20W-50 SL/CF engine oil can be used for all naturally aspirated, fuel injected, turbo charged and multivalve passenger car engines.
MAXRIDER SYTH 5W30 is a unique fully synthetic lubricants for ultimate engine protection and performance. It is multi grade motor oil specially formulated with hydro cracked synthetic base fluids and additives for use in passenger cars and light truck gasoline engines and diesel engines under all operating conditions. It provides low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contributes towards reducing fuel consumption & meets environmental requirements.

MAXRIDERSYNTH 5W30 fully synthetic oil can be used for all naturally aspirated, fuel injected, turbo charged and multivalve passenger car engines.

MAXRIDER TURBO 40 CD/SF is gasoline engine oil formulated with selected virgin base fluids and additives offereing the best performance available for modern diesel engines. It improves piston cleanliness and provides superior oxidation & thermal stability.
MAX RIDER TURBO 40 CD/SF can be used in the latest highly rated turbo charged engines under all operating conditions.
MAXRIDER TURBO is especially designed for turbo charged as well as naturally aspirated diesel engines operating with high sulphur fuel in severe on and off-highway applications.


MAXRIDER THRUST 15W40 IS MULTI GRADE universal engine oil for high performance engines requiring the latest API performance in combination with top-tier specifications. It is developed for highly stressed normally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines system.

MAXRIDER THRUST 15W40 (CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SJ) is an ideal all season oil for mixed fleets, construction and earth moving equipment, marine ferries and industrial equipments with diesel engines.

MAXRIDER GEAR GL-4 is premium quality long life gear box oils blended with extreme pressure additives. They have oxidation resistant, thermal degradation and resist staining, rusting and corrosion and excellent resistant to foaming. In addition it also provides protection against wear and rust, longer drain interval and gear life, resistance to oxidation and oil thickening and are compatible to oil seals.
MAXRIDER GEAR GL-4 is recommended for commercial vehicle’s automotive and passenger car gear type transmission and drive axles operating up to 1000c, Hypoid gear, and contractor equipment and in worm gear final drives.

MAXRIDER COOL 30/50/100 is a concentrated coolant that is suitable for all types of aluminum, brass or plastic radiators. It prevents lime deposits for long service intervals, give good heat protection and lubricates the water pump and thermostat. With amine-nitrite free technology, the coolant is friendly and non-corrosive to aluminum metal or plastics.
This super concentrated coolant is to be used in dilution ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 with water or according to vehicle manufacture’s recommendation. It provides effective control on corrosion, rust formation and thus enhances engine life.

MAXRIDER MARINE TCW-2 is a mineral oil based 2 stroke motor oil for use in all types of outboard motors. It provides excellent engine cleanliness & low cylinder and piston ring wear and ensures minimum deposit formation on cylinder parts.
Provides extended engine life through superior protection, Non toxic to marine life, Reduces spark plug fouling, Reduces exhaust blockage contaminants, High film strength for ultimate engine protection. It also increases and maintains the stability for performance of the outboards.

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