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GCC-Green Construction and Design Company

GCC-Green Construction and Design Company

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GCC Architectural and Interior Design and Build Company based in Cairo specialized in Commercial, Residential and Offices we translating creative concepts into real live GCC Team with more than fifteen years of transform designs to life in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally innovative.

We support our clients in the realization of their visions, while delivering the highest standard of design in the international practice of architecture.

We believe first we shape our buildings; than they shape us”

GCC builds luxury custom homes to satisfy each customer’s needs and desires. Our experience provides us with the knowledge of what sells at all levels of the market and enables us to provide you with the information necessary to guide you in making smart investments in your new home. So when you engage us in the building of your new custom home, you know that your home will have value not only to you and your family, but to any owners that may follow.

Our Services
• Architectural
• Interior Design
• Design & Built
• Project Management
• Sustainable Design Consulting

Architectural, Sustainable Design Consulting, Interior Design, Design and Built, Project Management

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