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Are you tired of receiving hundreds of news articles every week that do not interest you?

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This is a time of massive information overload and, although news is important for your business, it is not effecient to spend your valuable time searching for all the news that is most relevant to you and your business. Let us do it for you.

AMEinfo.com is pleased to announce your Personal Watchlist - in other words we only send you the news you choose!

How does it work?

The Watchlist is very easy to use - all you need to do is to click the icon icon at the top of any category or article as illustrated below. You will instantly receive a message by e-mail confirming your Watchlist has been updated and you will then be nofitied in the future whenever there is news about that company or category you have signed up to.

Example of how to sign up
                             for e-mail notificationsYou may sign up for as many companies or categories as you need - you only get e-mail messages from AME Info when there is news posted that you are interested in - and the service is FREE of charge.

Finally - when you visit your personal home page at my.ameinfo.com you will get a quick summary of the news from the categories or companies you have signed up to - from here you manage your personal Watchlist and remove companies or categories as easily as you added them - saving you a lot of time!

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