Gas Arabia Summit to address diversification of gas reserves
09/12/2014 11:12 am EDT

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The recent State of Green Economy Report 2015, prepared by the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence and the UNDP, emphasises the importance of diversification and innovation in addressing sustainable progress. Mounir Bouaziz, VP MENA Region for Shell, commented in the report that increased global demand for energy will “continue to lead to revised fuel choices and an increased level of energy-mix diversification trends”.

Echoing Mr. Bouaziz’s comments, Dr. Peter Bartlett, CEO of the Bahrain Petroleum Company stated: “In an era of rapid change in energy markets in the middle east and around the globe, sustainability, social responsibility and cost efficiency have never been more critical. The 10th Anniversary of the Gas Arabia Summit provides vital platform for leaders throughout the region to discuss the issues that will impact our energy future.”

Both Mr. Bouaziz and Dr. Bartlett will be addressing the 10th anniversary of the Summit, taking place in Dubai from the 13 – 15 January, 2015 at the new flagship Sheraton Grand Hotel.

Held in partnership with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and supported by the World Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Partnership, BP and TOTAL, the Summit will celebrate the achievements of the past decade while addressing the challenges that lay ahead.

Mr. Hatem Nuseibeh, President of TOTAL UAE and member of the Gas Arabia Advisory Board added: “TOTAL have been following the gas balance in this region for a while, and we can see that there is a need to prepare for the future, to make sure that there is the supply that is needed to satisfy the growing demand in the region.” He went on to note that “each time people talk about the end of the hydrocarbon era the technology shows that there are more reserves which are present, and in fact this is something which is needed, this technical revolution. If you look at the world demand whether it is in South East Asia, in East Asia or the Middle East, it is growing at such a pace that you will need these new resources in order to satisfy them.”

The Summit Programme will be exploring the region’s supply demand equation and the solution to potential deficits created by rising industry demand. Speaking about the summit, Nikki Mackay, Project Director, The Energy Exchange, said: “According to the International Energy Agency’s 2014 World Energy Outlook, the Middle East is one of two key growth areas for gas demand. With predictions placing global gas use level with coal as the second largest fuel in the global energy mix by 2040, the Middle East is recognising that diversification is essential and is looking towards sustainability initiatives, strategic partnerships and technological advancement.”

The Summit is honoured to have some of region’s pre-eminent authorities on gas join the speaking faculty including Khaled Abu Bakr, Chairman, TAQA Arabia; Simon Cattle, President of Oil, Gas and LNG, Supply and Trading, MEEA, BP; Stéphane Michel, E&P, President MENA, Total; Salim Al Sikaiti, Gas Director, PDO; Anwar Khalaf, Advisor to the Minister, National Oil and Gas Authority Bahrain; plus senior representatives from Emirates LNG, EMGAS, Qatar Gas, ENI, Dana Gas and more.

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