ADUKG’s 6th Annual Emiratisation Forum closes with fresh ideas into improving future Emiratisation strategies
15/11/2014 4:21 pm EDT

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The 6th Annual Emiratisation Forum has officially closed in Abu Dhabi after a second day of expert speakers shared their insights into the experiences and best practices of different organisations working with Emiratisation.

The event welcomed more than 200 professionals who listened to speakers from organisations including Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council, Etihad Airways, The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, and Borouge.

The Forum’s second day focused on how greater cultural understanding and increased personalisation of Emiratisation efforts can produce greater results. Speakers included Nasif Kayed, Managing Director of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, who emphasised the need to look at Emiratisation from a cultural point of view. Kayed told delegates that it was important to capitalise on the UAE’s many positive aspects, and called on private organisations to relieve the burden on government institutions by improving their Emiratisation policies through greater understanding of the UAE. He also said that it was important for organisations to look at candidate’s skills, abilities and experience, rather than considering race, nationality or gender.

Saeed Mohamed Al Nazari, Associate Projects Manager at The Executive Office, Dubai, echoed this sentiment, suggesting that employers must focus on creating working environments that are attractive to Emirati employees. This, he suggested, could include introducing the concept of the majlis into a company’s online platform as a means to encourage discussion and idea sharing. Rabei Wazzeh, Executive Director of Talent Management at The Knowledge Group, focused his talk on how to concentrate on an employee’s strengths to make sure they are energised by what they do. Delegates heard that focusing on individual team member’s strengths, rather than on trying to always focus on improving their weaker areas, was the best way to improve overall team performance.

“This year’s Forum has produced some really interesting and exciting ideas on how excellence in Emiratisation can be targeted. We have heard from organisations and regional experts about the different initiatives that have already produced results, and there have also been engaging discussions on how future Emiratisation strategies might be created. ADUKG’s own Emiratisation research has also been a real talking point, both in refuting certain UAE National recruitment myths, and in highlighting some of the key areas that organisations should focus on in their Emiratisation strategies,” said Dr Ahmad Badr, CEO of ADUKG.

The Forum was kindly supported by Etihad Airways and Abu Dhabi Media Company.

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