Arabia CSR Network brings you highly anticipated GRI G4 Training in Arabic Language
18/11/2014 10:17 am EDT

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In its endless quest towards the region’s sustainability and in support of the organisations that pursue it – the Arabia CSR Network brings the highly sought after GRI G4 training in the Arabic Language for the first time in the Arab world. The training will be held on the 17th -18th December in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The move is a significant step for Sustainability reporting in the region and will support the regional and national strategies that call for organisations to report on their sustainability performance. The training course will be attended by multi-sectoral participants who will benefit from cross fertilization of ideas and experience.

The Global Reporting initiative (GRI) is the most precise sustainability reporting guidelines that have been tested by over 20,000 organizations around the world to unveil information related to environmental, social and governance policies and practices.

G4, GRI’s latest sustainability reporting framework was released last year and so far, it has been used by 500 organizations to showcase their CSR and sustainability practices. G4 has also been used by organizations in the region with a number of CSR Champions already trailblazing with the first sustainability reports published in compliance with the newly launched framework. Sustainability reporting has become a mandate for organisations that want to prosper and even further, comply with the rules and regulation anticipated by the foreword national strategies being developed in the Arab world.

This training will enable the participants to become skilled at using the latest GRI G4 framework for developing GRI /CSR / Sustainability Reports and get conceptual understanding and insights on GRI reporting process. Some of the aspects that will be covered during this training are: Stakeholder engagement and communication, materiality and sustainability context.

Government institutions, private sector companies, consultancies and CSR experts will all benefit from The G4 Framework in their respective areas. This includes learning how to create improved strategies, setting improvement targets, meeting the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders, improved efficiency, clarity and better reputational management for their organisations.

GRI reporting has emerged to complement the traditional financial reports for organizations that wish to report on their sustainability strategies and initiatives and address aspects such as economic, environmental, and social performance of organizations. The Arabia CSR Network urges the organisations that are committed to advancing the region through their responsible practices to participate in the training and speak to their stakeholders, the GRI way.

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