Expat numbers in Oman declining
15/07/2014 12:37 am EDT

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Oman’s National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) has said the number of expatriate workers in the sultanate showed a decrease between April and May this year, Muscat Daily has reported. According to NCSI, the number of expatriate workers in the country totalled 1,534,857 at the end of May 2014, a drop of 1,281 compared with April-end figures. “The number of workers in the government sector at the end of May reached 57,202, an increase of 0.4% or 241 compared to April figures.’ In the private sector, the number of workers at the end of May reached 1,248,859, declining 0.1% or by 1,909 while those employed in the family sector increased 0.2% to reach 228,796 compared with 228,409 at the end of April,” it said.

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