GOSI meets with HADAF to plug loopholes in Saned Insurance
13/08/2014 2:27 am EDT

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The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is holding continuous meetings with the Human Resources Fund (HADAF) to plug possible loopholes in the Saned unemployment pension scheme that could be exploited by some, Zawya reported. Abdulaziz Al-Habdan, vice governor of GOSI, told Al-Eqtisadiah daily the organization is working out the details and procedures of the mechanism for distributing allowances to deserving people. It is also setting up a database in coordination with the National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior. “The database will help prevent any possible exploitation of the system,” he said. Al-Habdan explained that beneficiaries of the Saned program will cease to receive unemployment benefits if they had spent 60 days outside the country, reject three job offers from the Human Resources Fund, do not attend or complete designated training courses, default on four job interviews, or do not log into their electronic files once a week for six weeks without any viable reasons.

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