Jordanian government subsidies for various goods and services reach over JD2.2bn in 2013
16/08/2014 12:20 am EDT

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Jordanian Planning Minister Ibrahim Saif announced that the value of government subsidies for various goods and services amounted to over JD2.2bn in 2013. Saif revealed the figures while briefing the Council of Ministers on the volume of government subsidies according to Finance Ministry data, indicating that it constituted 9.2% of the Kingdom’s gross domestic product and 36.4 per cent of overall government spending last year, Zawya reported. Non-Jordanians’ share of the subsidy was 4%, which is around JD85.6m, the minister said, noting that the data also calculated the share of each income segment according to the living expenses of households. The underprivileged bracket is the one where an individual’s annual expenditure is below the poverty line of JD813.7, while the annual individual expenditure of the bracket below the middle class is between JD813 and JD1,627.

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