KFH continues to serve clients electronically during Eid
27/07/2014 12:08 pm EDT

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Public Relations and Media Executive Manager at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Saeed Tawfeeqi announced that the bank is ready to fulfill its commitments towards its clients during Eid, where it will continue to offer various services for its clients in Kuwait and overseas through its website that offers over 150 free services, in addition to other service channels that provide clients with necessary services and products 24 hours a day during the holidays.

Tawfeeqi added, “Departments are prepared technically to avoid any problems that might threaten the concept of offering KFH clients the best level of services possible. The Call Center will be ready to receive calls from clients throughout the day, and will work relentlessly to overcome any problems that might face clients in Kuwait and abroad.”

In addition, KFH continues offer its phone services on 1803333 that is available throughout the day. Clients can call to make account transactions, ask for financial transaction, pay bills, purchase cards to recharge cell phone, transfer money to charity, and other services.

Moreover, he mentioned, “People can take advantage of KFH’s ATM machines that can be found at all vital locations. Those machines allow clients to deposit cash and cheques, not to mention Mobi Baitok vehicles that serve as mobile branches that allow people to deposit and withdraw cash.”

It is worth noting that KFH has additional technical privileges, such as allowing clients to perform basic banking operations through iPhones and iPads on kfhonline application. KFH will also ensure that all its ATM machines will be loaded with cash to face high withdrawal operations during the holidays.

For more info please contact:
Moustafa Amin
Information Supervisor
Marketing & PR Department
Kuwait Finance House – KFH
Tel: +965-22964227
Fax: +965-22409414
Email: [email protected]

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