KFH contributes to organizing Al-Qiyam prayer
23/07/2014 12:20 pm EDT

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Kuwait Finance House (KFH) public relations team contributes to organizing Al-Qiam prayer at Grand Mosque and Bilal bin Rabah Mosque and distributed beverages among people praying and the personnel organizing the prayers process at the Grand Mosque, as part of its social responsibility.

KFH’s delegation took this step to cement the relationship between KFH and the society, which further reinforces KFH’s Islamic identity.

KFH has been keen to establish strong relationships with all sectors of the society, especially during Ramadan, in order to spread brotherhood. Such an initiative underlines KFH’s interest in having strong social and humanitarian relationships with the society.

It is worth noting that KFH’s team worked in collaboration with the police, paramedics and the medical staff.

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