KSA imports SR13bn worth of tobacco products in 4 years ?
14/08/2014 1:41 am EDT

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Recent released data revealed that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has imported SR13bn worth of cigarettes and other tobacco products in a four-year period, Arab News reported. The values of Saudi tobacco imports consistently increased during these four years, from SR2.6bn in 2010 to SR3bn in 2011, SR3.5bn in 2012 and SR3.8bn in 2013, said the report. The lion’s share of imports to the Kingdom in 2013 – 91% – came from three countries, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey, at a cost of SR3.2bn. Germany captured 57% of cigar imports alone, at SR2bn, followed by Switzerland, at SR603 million, or 17% of the total, and Turkey, at SR599m, or 17% of all imports, the report said.

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