Yemeni Cabinet authorizes two financing agreements
14/08/2014 1:46 am EDT

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Yemeni Cabinet held an extraordinary meeting on Monday chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology Ahmed Ben Daghr, and approved two financing agreements, Yemen News Agency reported. The Cabinet approved a grant agreement for the project of strengthening the accountability between the Republic of Yemen and the International Bank for Reconstruction (IBRD) and Development and the International Development Association (IDA), under which $6m will be provided to strengthen the capacities of the accountability institutions in Yemen to provide access to information and improve the implementation of anti-corruption law. The cabinet also approved the additional funding agreement for the project of the Social Fund for Development in the fourth stage amounting to 32.4 million units of Special Drawing Rights, which was initialed on 11 April 2014 between the Yemeni Government and the IDA.

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