al khaliji to launch merchant acquiring business
29/04/2014 11:07 am EDT

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Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) Q.S.C. launches merchant acquiring business (POS) to corporate and commercial customers, allowing them to receive payment through debit or credit card at their outlets.

The bank is offering merchant acquiring services (POS) to its target customers in order to strengthen their transactional banking offering, enabling customers to divert receivables to a centralized cash pooling account maintained with al khaliji.

al khaliji POS terminals, through which settlement can be made in QAR or USD, will be installed for customers such as hotels, department stores, restaurants, hypermarkets, travel agents, schools, hospitals and many other service providers.
“As the government continues to further encourage electronic payments for its services, the per capita use of non-cash service methods of payment has steadily increased. Non-cash transaction volumes have maintained an upward trend thereby boosting the need for merchant POS services. al khaliji merchant acquiring services will serve this trend” Mohamed A. Abdelkhalek, Group Chief Business Officer said.

Our merchant acquiring service comes with well-structured solutions and offers businesses and its employees an incentive to promote cashless transactions. al khaliji is offering state of the art high speed POS devices and solutions, fraud protection, multiple settlement options including Intra Day Credits and competitive and flexible pricing and merchant employee benefit schemes to promote card transactions.

Abdelkhalek highlighted that al khaliji is offering a comprehensive and an end-to–end solution to manage POS and electronic payment transactions for its clients. “Our secure and customised services will help us better serve our clients,” he said.

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