Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs partners with MADA
15/01/2014 5:48 am EDT

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In September 2012 Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs embarked on an agreement with Mada (Qatar Assistive Technology Center). This three year partnership aims to promote the uptake and usage of assistive technologies amongst people with a disability in the Gulf region.

Assistive technologies refer to all the assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices and software for people with disabilities, enabling them to perform tasks that they would otherwise find difficult to accomplish. This partnership is not only aimed at providing devices and training to the individuals enrolled at the school, but also identifying further suitable solutions and collaborating on research and development initiatives.

Mada’s commitment when providing on-going support in terms of training, workshops and live-streaming of events will ensure that all the teachers, assisting staff and volunteers at Al Noor are able to provide the best possible technical support to the children. Both non profit organizations, Al Noor and Mada are dedicated to working together to connect people with disabilities with the world of information and communication technology. In their bid to achieve this alliance both parties will work together to provide suitable and available technologies for individuals with special needs.

Commenting on this alliance, Isphana Al Khatib, Director at Al Noor said: “Al Noor has been privileged to partner with Mada this past year on enhancing the role of ‘Assistive Technology’ in our training program and services. The collaboration has supported advanced training of our staff in this rapidly developing and exciting field. Through structured and organized implementation of technology and related concepts, at multiple levels across the Centre, Al Noor has been able to successfully contribute to Mada’s wider efforts and mandate to spearhead the role and scope of assistive technology for persons with a disability in the Gulf region. Of particular interest has been the use of assistive technology in enhancing literacy programs introduced at the Centre.”

Mada established in 2010, actively believes that by opening a virtual door into a world of information and opportunities proves a powerful tool to disabled people who are continuously overcoming social and economic barriers. By placing assistive technologies in classrooms such as those at Al Noor, thus enabling the children and young people not only to attend classes but to work and communicate with their peers and people from all around the world. Mada team works closely with the team and children at Al Noor by providing expert advice and assessment on a wide variety of the Assistive Technologies offered through Al Noor’s training programmes.

“Mada has been delighted to collaborate with Al Noor Special Needs Center for the past year. The shared contributions made to the emerging Gulf Assistive Technology Network have been crucial in helping to shape priorities for the coming years and in identifying some of the key elements of successful implementation of technology for people with a disability. Mada looks forward to continued work together in the future to help ensure quality accessible technology for all within the region”, said Mr. David Banes, CEO of Mada.

In order to enhance its services and offer only the best program for children with special needs in this region, Al Noor commits to continually engage in similar partnerships, ensuring a forward thinking process and teaching standards that are acclaimed and recognised worldwide.

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