Novo Nordisk partners with EGYVAC to start human Insulin factory in Egypt
28/09/2014 10:09 am EDT

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Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Eng. Ibrahim Mehleb and the Minister of Health Dr. Adel Adawy, Novo Nordisk, World diabetes care leader, signed a partnership agreement with the Egyptian Company for Production of Vaccines (EGYVAC) to start human insulin production in Egypt.

The event took place at the investment authority, and was attended by Pernille Dahler Kardel the Ambassador of Denmark, , Mads Bo Larsen, Vice President of Novo Nordisk BAGIE (Africa, Gulf and India), Dr. Mohamed El Dababy Novo Nordisk Egypt’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Raed Shoukry, CEO of EGY VAC and Dr. Nabil El Biblawy, Chairman of EGY VAC.

Novo Nordisk launched the “National Diabetes Program” today, in cooperation with the National Diabetes Institute, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, aiming to improve diabetes care in Egypt, besides starting 26 specialized medical centers for diabetes treatment nationwide, within the next 5 years.

“Our partnership with EGYVAC and launching the National Diabetes Program under auspices of the Health Ministry represents a unique example of cooperation between public and private sector, as it represents an important phase in Egypt’s medical track record,” said Dr. Mohamed El-Dababy, Novo Nordisk Egypt CEO during the press conference held in the Ministry of Health . “This partnership provides the best diabetes care for 7.5mn patients, as it offers human insulin nationwide in Egypt,” he added.

“Novo Nordisk partnership with EGYVAC will enable the transfer of technology for human insulin manufacturing all over the world through Novo Nordisk, to ensure producing enough amounts that meet the need of the Egyptian market in addition to providing diabetics with easy access to treatment. This is one of the greatest biotechnology achievements in Egypt as it will ensure healthcare safety for patients. Further, patients will gain the best human insulin worldwide. This partnership covers many phases, staring with packaging and ending with covering the Egyptian market needs. The packaging process will cover 3-9 million vials on a yearly basis, expected to grow in the future, and then comes the second phase of manufacturing in 2018, to reach 10 million vials a year, to be doubled in two years, helping Egypt to achieve self-sufficiency.” added Dr. El-Dababy.

“The National Diabetes Program under auspices of Health Ministry aims at educating diabetics and raising their awareness. The Ministry of Health provides 26 fully fledged medical centers, specialized in diabetes care nationwide, while Novo Nordisk is supporting and training therapists at these centers, in addition to providing them with latest medical equipments and world-class healthcare systems to allow Egypt cope with world developed countries especially in the biotechnology field,” he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Novo Nordisk will play a vital role in providing free insulin pens for over 60,000 patients, costing the company around EGP 8mn a year, in favor of the most critical cases selected by MoH’s 26 medical centers. Furthermore, Novo Nordisk is keen on launching awareness campaigns for specialized physicians to boost healthcare services in favor of patients; that will save huge budgets that the Ministry of Health used to afford to cover diabetes complication treatments. Moreover, the Ministry of Health will be providing “Penfill” packs for 60,000 patients.

This partnership will help in treating one of Egypt’s chronic diseases that accounts for 65,000 deaths annually, i.e. 178 daily deaths. 7.5mn Egyptians suffer diabetes, including 1mn insulin users. Expectations indicate that Egypt’s diabetes rate could hike 13mn by 2030. Studies and researches affirm that such rocketing rates result from unhealthy lifestyles, wrong diets, and genetic origins; besides, ignoring doctors’ tips, putting themselves at risk of many health problems.

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