Scientists discover compound to fight MERS virus
31/05/2014 1:05 am EDT

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An international team of scientists have identified a compound that can fight coronaviruses, responsible for the Sars and Mers outbreaks, which currently have no cure, AFP has reported. The team, led by Edward Trybala from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and Volker Thiel from the University of Bern, have discovered a compound called K22, which appears to block the ability of the virus to spread in humans. Earlier this month, experts gathered in Geneva by the World Health Organisation confirmed that Mers was spreading but had yet to reach the level of global emergency. Most of the Mers cases and deaths so far have been in Saudi Arabia, but the virus has been imported to more than a dozen other countries. All of those cases have involved people who became ill while in the Middle East.

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