Aspire and Katara Hospitality to take ‘Chapati and Karak’ to NYC
17/02/2014 2:35 am EDT

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Qatar-based Aspire and Katara Hospitality is planning to open a ‘Chapati and Karak’ outlet in New York City, following the successful launch of a similar branch in London, the Peninsula has reported. “We are trying to open our next outlet in New York City very soon,” said the executive director of Aspire and Katara Hospitality, Khuloud Mohamed Al Hail. Chapati and karak, both of which originated in India, became an integral part of Qatari cuisine in the 1950s, said Al Hail. The Qatari version of karak is a mix of tea and milk boiled with ginger and cardamom that is served with chapati, which is unleavened bread.

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