Emarat carries out a successful fire drill
02/07/2014 12:13 pm EDT

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The Department of Health, Safety and Environment at Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat” has carried out a successful fire drill for all of its employees at the Corporation’s headquarters, ensuring its readiness and capability to deal with such events, if they occur with high efficiency and in accordance to high standards.

Mr. Ahmad Mohamed bin Hammad, Health, Safety and Environment team leader at Emarat, said that this drill was carried out to test the equipment efficiency and the individuals’ readiness to deal with such incidents. Emarat also aimed, through this drill, to highlight the importance of training and skills development required to face such challenges if they occur. The Corporation also aimed to urge its employees to follow safety procedures, limit the fire and extinguishing it in accordance with the procedures followed in order to save lives and establishments.

He further added that the fire drill, in all its phases, was carried out under the supervision of a committee which monitored, recorded and photographed the procedures that were taken to evacuate the employees and extinguish the fake fire. The committee was satisfied with the performance and capabilities of the people who participated in the drill.

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