FINE Hygienic Paper partners with SOS as part of its regional CSR campaign
13/01/2014 10:10 am EDT

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Proceeding with its continuous efforts in supporting the community, FINE Hygienic Paper Company, part of Nuqul Group, has recently started one of its most distinctive CSR campaigns, “Draw with FINE competition” as part of a regional campaign that had been carried out by FINE – Levant, and hence the great impact on orphans as well as the customers.

This regional campaign, which is implemented by FINE Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, grabbed people’s attention due to the limited edition of FINE tissue boxes being sold in markets recently. These packs were newly designed by underprivileged children through a drawing competition where they were asked to come up with a drawing that reflects their own perception of how “For a Joyful Life” would be; driven by FINE’s promise. The top six winners had their drawings designed on FINE tissue boxes for three months and a percentage of the campaign’s profits will be allocated for supporting educational programs designed for orphans of non-government organizations. FINE Jordan has partnered with SOS Jordan in this campaign, covering the areas of Amman, Aqaba and Irbid.

Commenting on this campaign, Waseem Nuqul, Marketing Manager at FINE Hygienic Paper, Levant said: “FINE has always been active in all issues that are related to community service and social responsibility. Driven by our promise “For Joyful Life”, FINE launched this regional campaign to support educating orphans in the region, as we believe that education is inevitably essential for the development of our nation and country, and since today’s children are the builders of our future, we took a promise to have such campaigns sustained and continuous in the future targeting orphans. Now, we are working on our long-term Corporate Social Responsibility strategy giving back to the community, and you will see more of such campaigns in a regular basis.”

Nuqul Added: “Getting the kids involved in designing FINE tissue boxes and seeing them in markets is certainly a pleasure for them, and we look at it as a motivational tool to say that they can contribute in the society and their input matters to us.”

The National Director of SOS Children’s Villages, Mrs. Lina Mola said: “FINE Company has a very good reputation in Jordan and the Middle East Region as well”. She expressed her happiness for having FINE as one of the SOS friends; as she admires the way that the managers of this company sought to do their donation with a very delicate way and with the full respect of the unfortunate children; “The best drawing will get the prize” instead of showing their superiority in supporting others.

It’s worth mentioning that part of the prize will go directly to the account of Mahmoud, the SOS child, which hopefully will help him in his future educational plan and the other part of the donation will go to SOS Children’s Villages Association that will be spent on educational aspects for the other SOS children.

In addition to the Jordanian winner from SOS, it is worth noting that winners of this regional campaign were six; as four kids were from Lebanon and one orphan from Palestine.


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