Giuseppe Zanotti Design Spring Summer 2014
18/02/2014 1:08 pm EDT

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WILD SOUL, (A wild spirit pierced by rock). A woman in contact with nature and its rhythms; the wildest essence meets extreme elegance like in the Nirvana sandal, where the serpent-jewel harmoniously wraps around the ankle. Tribal references, leather strips that swathe the foot, afro-camouflage heels, metallic crock-rock scales (the golden crocodile that embraces the foot). Extreme contrasts for a new reading of the woman.

Wild Soul; The Rules of Attraction; Roppongi-Rockabilly; Sneakers; Body Language; More than just a bag

THE RULES OF ATTRACTION. Here we start from square one, from the simplest form the pumps, which have always been the main ingredient for seduction. Their silhouette evokes the curves of a woman’s body. Their harmony comes from the perfect combination of shape and heel. The open-toe mules follow, delicate, almost ethereal sabot. Then we have the painted leather strips that morph into a sandal on the bare foot. “Timeless elegance”.

ROPPONGI – ROCKABILLY. Somewhere between Manga and Johnny Cash; the energy of different young cultures in a game where nothing is ever not in style, in a dance of the opposites, style becomes attitude. Super-pointy, slanted toe, over-the-top forms, decorated with ripped bandanas. Biker-style raw leather perfectly cut out and sewn like uneven scars; Maxi metallic zips paired with unlined glove tassels and with jute khaki, black or nude. Over-the-top, rockabilly bandage-covered wedges with cashmere patterns that counterbalance super cool sandals with curvy heels that alternate hollow and full forms. Organized chaos.
SNEAKERS OR LIFESTYLE? From product to a way of life. A new concept of shoe that draws a link to the philosophy of denim. The starting point and the finish line of the previous themes Fusion of cultures and genres that goes beyond here and now, Communicative, unisex gesture in constant evolution.

BODY LANGUAGE. Buckles, studs and accessories transferred onto the body become communicative words on paper. Bold body-belt-dresses are must–have as upgrades for jeans and tees. Metals that tie around the body in an embrace, like the crock-rock, the stylized crocodile jewel that doubles as a choker, bracelet or belt.

MORE THAN JUST A BAG. A new concept. A bridge across the collection that brings together details, references, fabrics. The accessory that makes a fashion statement. Oversized backpack and “micro-bag zoo-collection”: when opposites meet.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design is located in The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates & Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi.

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