Global Village adds traditional Kerala Panchavadyam to its roaster of cultural entertainment
15/01/2014 7:37 am EDT

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Global Village, Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural destination, has brought a troupe of highly reputed Kerala Drummers to perform for visitors and give them a taste of a traditional Indian form of music that is played both for enjoyment and as part of ceremonies.

The Kerala Drummers will be performing behind the Global Culture Stage, until the end of January. On weekdays ten professional drummers will perform, with the number of performers going up to 20 on weekends. The performance is one which visitors are likely to see during festivals hosted by temples, where the drummers take to the streets to keep people entertained.

The performance will have the drummers playing their instruments while standing next to two life-sized statues of elephants. The elephants will be wearing the traditional nettipattam – known in English as a Caparison – which is an embroidered cloth that is laid over the face of the elephant as a way of making it beautiful.

This is just the latest in exclusive traditional acts that will interest visitors and allow them to experience cultures that are new to them.

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