Quintessentially Lifestyle celebrates 10 years as the region’s leading luxury lifestyle management and
08/01/2014 5:16 am EDT

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23rd December 2013, Quintessentially Lifestyle today celebrates 10 years of business in the Middle East, being the only truly global concierge service with offices in over 60 countries worldwide. The exclusive private members club is on call 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s unique service delivers first class lifestyle management via an extensive network of contacts and partners, giving members access to the typically inaccessible. There are extensive member benefits including bespoke services, networking opportunities and access to insider events and information; the Quintessentially Lifestyle membership is a must have and offers a passport to the very best that life has to offer!

Over the past decade the club has provided an excellent service for its members whilst fulfilling the more challenging and extravagant requests when called upon; the more unusual having been the locating of a specific Newton’s cradle from the Iron Man movie and facilitating the transportation of a member’s Rolls Royce from London to Dubai in just five days. Tariq Edrees comments ” Transporting the timeless and elegant car, weighing over 2,500 kg , across 3,500 miles in such a short space of time was a tough feat, but with our global connections nothing is impossible. Our mission is to always go above and beyond.”

Quintessentially Lifestyle continues to grow from strength to strength in the UAE and has recently introduced innovative events to its own calendar such as the Elite Member Dinners hosted at the newest and most exclusive establishments, often before they are open to the public, as well as ‘At-Home Events’, which has seen a number of luxury brands showcasing their new collections in the privacy of members’ homes. The latest addition to the service is the Quintessentially Nightlife specialist, on call throughout the night, who personally facilitates bar, restaurant and nightclub bookings at the most sought after venues.

Caroline Hargreaves Managing Director comments on 10 years of Quintessentially: “Access to the best restaurant openings, prestigious sporting finals, sold-out concerts or networking opportunities beyond your wildest dreams, we strive to offer those who have recently relocated to Dubai or have been here for years unique experiences and access 365 days of the year. Dubai is a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub, but due to its size and plethora of nationalities, it can often be daunting and hard to navigate. We pride ourselves on being the key to opening doors and the creator of unique opportunities and experiences. In our tenth year in the region, with a high concentration of discerning high-net-worth individuals, our years of experience allow us to continue exceeding expectations and offer impeccable service, quality and perfection.

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