SilberArrows launches Smart-Start App in the UAE
08/11/2014 9:17 am EDT

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‘The Garage, by SilberArrows’ specializes in the Service, Maintenance and Repair of Germany’s most prestigious and original passenger car brand; Mercedes-Benz, is delighted to announce that customers with an innovative Smart Phone Application can now control certain functions on their Mercedes-Benz from anywhere in the world.

SilberArrows, an Independent Mercedes-Benz Service Centre in Dubai is now offering a unique Smart Start Application with multiple features which can be operated through a smart phone to include door locking/unlocking, engine start/stop, trunk opening and window or convertible roof opening/closing.

These features enable you to operate the vehicle during a prolonged absence as well as providing comfort features when in close proximity; the remote start/stop feature enables the driver and passenger(s) to enter a pre-cooled vehicle through a remote start in advance of returning to a vehicle that has been left in the heat, whilst this feature also allows the owner to start and run the vehicle whilst abroad to ensure that the on-board battery remains active.

Other features of the App mean that the windows, trunk and door locks can be operated at the touch of a smart phone, and the SmartStart GPS will also provide a location service for your vehicle to ensure that its whereabouts is known at all times. The App also includes a Parking Assistant, reminders for parking meters and a QR Code scanner for your convenience.

Philip Smith, Managing Director SilberArrows, has been operating a C-Class with the App for a month, and says “I have been operating the car on a daily basis with the new App and I enjoy the feature of setting a daily timer whereby the engine automatically starts a few minutes before I head to work, so I can get into a comfortably air conditioned car”. He continues, “The App can also provide me with alerts if the driver exceeds a certain speed, or travels to an Emirate outside of Dubai”.

This British Owned and Managed Independent Mercedes-Benz Service Centre is also equipped to cope with all aspects of service, diagnosis and repair throughout the passenger car portfolio within the Daimler brand, including; Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, McLaren SLR and AMG.

The Service Centre is equipped with the latest diagnostics technology and tooling; all operated by a highly capable and qualified Technical Team with over 50 years of Daimler experience between them.

SilberArrows supplies and installs genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts and has also partnered with Mobil Oil to provide its customers with the highest quality lubricants. Furthermore, they have the rare capability to service and repair Hybrid and Armored vehicles.

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