Dr. Fakhro receives regional Managing Director of Rentokil UK
04/06/2014 4:24 pm EDT

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Industry and Commerce Minister expressed government welcome to all global investments and regional offices for international companies in Bahrain, pointing to the growing volume of investments and the influx of large number of international companies that choose the Kingdom destination for its operations.

This came during a meeting with Regional Managing Director of Rentokil UK, Middle East and North Africa and Turkey Mr. Richard Jones and Head of UK Trade and Investment of the British Embassy Ms. Imane Al Aliwat who wish to establish a presence in Bahrain.

Dr. Fakhro confirmed Government readiness to host all investment regional and global projects, pointing that the country currently host tens of mega projects and regional offices to many companies that chose Bahrain to be based in the region as being the best destination for these projects.

Mr. Richard Jones commended the good reputation enjoyed by the Kingdom of Bahrain as a preferred destination for global investors, stressing the desire of his company to work in the country, especially in light of soft facilities and procedures provided by the government for global investments, and advanced legislation being pursued at the present time.

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