UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade appoints new Director for Department of Analysis and Trade Information
12/03/2009 12:15 pm EDT

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The move is also in line with the government’s plan of increasing efficiency throughout its institutions through the inclusion of persons with extensive experience and competencies who can realize positive change.

Dr. Al Ali holds a PhD. in urbanization and population from the University of Wales, United Kingdom, and an MS in geography with specialization in land-use specialization from Eastern Michigan University in the US. He also has a diploma from the UN-affiliated Cairo Demographic Centre as well as a BA degree in Geography from the University of Cairo. The Department of Trade Analysis and Information of the Ministry of Foreign Trade monitors the contents of reports from international organizations covering the economic affairs and trade of the UAE, especially with regards to statistics on exports of oil and the diversity of the export structure.

The new director previously served as an adviser to the activities of the UN Development Programme in the UAE, where he was responsible for overseeing various development plans programs and coordinating UAE Government, the local governments and the various activities of the program in the country. He also served as director of the Statistics Division of the Department of Planning in Abu Dhabi between 1979 and 2000, during which he was responsible for all actions related to the development of statistical work in Abu Dhabi. Dr. Al Ali’s academic experiences include lectures at several universities and educational institutions in addition to published contributions in daily newspapers and local and global magazines revolving on employment, Emiratization, demographic structure, urban development, and statistical data, among others.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade had earlier appointed new directors in a number of its key departments, including the Department of International Organizations Management, the Department of Strategic Planning and Performance, and the Department of Trade Policy.

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