Al-Futtaim Motors hands over 17 ambulances to UAE Football Association
13/05/2014 11:22 am EDT

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Al-Futtaim Motors, the official automotive supplier for the UAE Football Association (UAE FA), today handed over 17 modified Toyota Hiace vans to be used as ambulances by club and national teams administrated by the association.

This hand-over is an extension to Al-Futtaim Motors’ four year partnership with the UAE FA and demonstrates its full support of the association and the role it is playing in garnering the growing nation’s football talents.

Al-Futtaim Motors has conducted a number of modifications on the vehicles to convert them into ambulances according to the set standards in the UAE.

Beside the internal modifications to allow for the medical furnishing, the 17 Toyota Hiace have been equipped with a central oxygen system with outlets, mobile and fixed suction units, roll-in cot, folding stretcher, spinal board, head immobilizer, blood pressure meter, stethoscope, first aid kit and a number of other pieces of medical equipment.

“We look at opportunities like these to express our commitment to the safety of the community. Half of the vans running in the UAE roads are Toyota Hiace vehicles, mostly popular for their reliable and resilient characteristics. Converting Hiaces into ambulances is a great option for emergency fleets due to their easy handling through crowded and narrow streets, excellent fuel economy and durability under heavy duty usage,” said Jon Williams, Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Motors.

According to Ghanim Ahmed Ghanim, member of the UAE FA board of directors and chairman of the club affairs committee, the decision to deliver the ambulances to the first division clubs is designed to enhance the current facilities are the training schools. “The UAE FA is keen to help the teams and their supporters to enjoy the game by keeping the players injury-free, and to ensure their safety at all time,” he said.

This activity comes on the heel of various other community sponsorships and partnerships with UAE government authorities undertaken by Al-Futtaim Motors.

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