IKCO participates in Shiraz Automotive Show
11/06/2014 9:31 am EDT

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IKCO showcased its cars and latest achievements in Shiraz 13th Int’l Automotive, Powertrain and Parts Exhibition.
Dena as the latest product of this company and Soren, Pars, Peugeot 405 and 206 type 5 and Runna in different colors were among the exhibited cars. IKCO has established one of its production lines in Fars province and now has taken part in Shiraz automotive show in a 6000 square meter area.

It’s noteworthy, Fars province is a province in which IKCO has a large number of dealerships and apart from showing cars in this Int’l show, this company has plans for marketing and exclusive sales.

Research and marketing Clinics and Shiraz dealerships’ cooperation in marketing and sales and boosting market share in the region are some of the objectives that IKCO has in mind attending this show.

Shiraz 13th Int’l Automotive, Powertrain and Parts Exhibition also hosts IKCO supplier i.e. SAPCO accompanied by its 23 part makers. Other IKCO subsidiaries like ISACO, OPCO, IKCO TAM, IKD, ISEIKCO and IPCO are also present in this show.
Shiraz automotive show is held from June 10 to 13 in Shiraz permanent international fair ground with the presence of Iranian and foreign car and part makers like Opel an Alfa Romeo.

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