Popularity of hybrid cars among Jordanian motorists is growing sharply
02/09/2014 9:48 am EDT

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Jordan Customs Department ( JCD) report showed that popularity of hybrid cars among Jordanian motorists is growing sharply with official data showing that demand for the fuel-efficient vehicles increased by nearly six-fold in 2013 and so far this year, with Toyota Prius stands as the top selling hybrid car, Jordan Times reported. The number of fuel economy cars sold in 2013 went up to 14,565 compared with only 2,662 the year before. Between January and July of this year hybrid car sales continued to grow as the JCD report showed that a total of 12,105 cars entered the Jordanian market. A sector leader attributed the increase in popularity on these to tax incentives and rising fuel prices in the Kingdom. The overall number of hybrid cars currently in Jordan is around 33,588, according to the customs department.

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