Maraya Art Centre and Bee’ah team up to launch groundbreaking eco-exhibition
10/12/2014 1:29 pm EDT

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1971, the brand new cutting-edge design gallery on The Flag Island in Sharjah, is calling on UAE-based designers and architects to submit their design proposals for ‘ZERO’, a groundbreaking eco-exhibition being sponsored by Maraya Art Centre in partnership with Bee’ah, The Sharjah Environment Co, the region’s leading environmental management company.

This exciting opportunity will not only give designers and architects in the UAE the chance to showcase their creative eco-focused projects on a thrilling new design specific platform, but also the possibility of seeing their work introduced to a much wider audience as part of a traveling exhibition throughout the UAE and internationally.

Giuseppe Moscatello, Maraya Art Centre Manager: “The issue of environmental effect continues to have an immense impact on the evolution of contemporary design, which is why we are very excited to be working with the environmental experts at Bee’ah, The Sharjah Environment Company to launch this new exhibition. We want to challenge the design talents of the UAE to come up with fresh and new concepts, new ways of thinking about design and the materials they use in their designs, while at the same time contributing to making the community at large aware of the role that eco-design can play in reaching the goal of zero waste. ‘ZERO’ is a chance for designers in the UAE to really stretch their creativity, to experiment with ways to make every part of the design to production process work together to minimise waste while still producing a beautiful, functional, and useful end result.”

To stand a chance of being included in the exhibition, proposed designs must use materials that are recyclable or sustainable and that have a limited impact on the environment. These materials include, recyclable concrete aggregate, organic waste, fabric, wood, paper, glass, plastic, clay, metals, natural resources, rubber, or any other sustainable materials that the designer can access.

Pushing the envelope on sustainability even further, ‘ZERO’ charges designers to incorporate the concept of ‘zero waste’ into every part of their design and production process. “We want designers to actively think about ways in which they can use every scrap of material at hand, by first of all reusing materials at different stages in the process, i.e. using the paper designs in the final product for instance to bring waste to a minimum and also by making sure that what little waste is left over is entirely recyclable,” Moscatello added.

Meera Taryam, Director of Environmental Services at Bee’ah, The Sharjah Environment Company, said; “‘ZERO’ is a truly unique opportunity to bring together creative, cultural and innovative minds to encourage open and thought-provoking discussions of environmental management issues affecting the region. Raising awareness of the role everyone can play in the UAE to achieve zero waste to landfill is a vital link in the future success of our work, indeed individual responsibility of each and every citizen and resident of the UAE is crucial in securing a sustainable future for the country. We are proud of our new partnership with Maraya Art Centre and excited by the opportunities ‘ZERO’ provides for influential professionals from diverse creative backgrounds to interact with one another and the public while showcasing their artistic talents”.

The call is open to proposals of both 2D and 3D works including: furniture, jewellery, product design, sculpture, installations, and research projects. Successful submissions will be awarded a commission to produce their designs as well as an artist fee.

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