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DoF: past and future developments of Abu Dhabi’s Military Pension Division and accelerated expansion of its services across UAE

June 9, 2014 2:54 pm

Military retirees and those entitled to a pension also receive a text message via mobile phone when any financial transaction is conducted and a pension certificate is created, or when a new military pension division branch is launched. DoF has also introduced an IVR system for the Military Pension Division, to provide quick and accurate responses to enquiries from retired military personnel.

Over the past year, DoF has also developed and implemented a new e-system for the disbursement of the retired military officials’ pensions. The new system compiles the personal data of retired military officials and the beneficiaries of the pension, as well as the details of their allocated funds. This system eases the process of creating statements related to any retired official or to those entitled to the pension, as it only takes a few seconds.

The e-system also contributed to the department’s ability to accelerate the process of transferring pensions to the retired military officials. It is now possible to complete the process in 24 hours, compared to the three to seven days required previously.

Following DoF’s initiative to switch to smart systems, which is a top priority for senior management, a specialised application (DoF AUH) was launched in the military pension division to offer services via smart phones. The advantage of this application is its ability to keep military retirees up-to-date with the details of their monthly pension transfer to the bank, and to enable them to obtain a pension certificate which provides information including allowances, discounts and the name of the bank to which the money is paid to.

During an interview, the retired Major General HE Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed al-Tamimi expressed his appreciation for the remarkable evolution of the service and constant direct communication with retired military officials and their families, along with the kind hospitality of customer service staff at the various centres.

Commenting on the improved services provided by the division, Dari Saud Ghareeb Al Outayba, a military retired candidate, expressed his sincere gratitude for the services provided to him. He said, “I started my military pension in 1988. After my many years of serving the UAE, I now feel honoured and appreciated in every step I take in life. The division’s services have been significantly developed with the introduction of e-services in branches across the UAE.”

“The services that the division provides are outstanding,” explained Ibrahim Ali Abdullah Al Hamad. “During the past two years, the customer service network has been expanded to cover several emirates in the country such as Al Ain, Sharjah and other locations,” he added. Ibrahim also highlighted the ongoing positive relationship between the Military Pension Division and its customers through various communication channels.

HE retired General Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Hassan bin Abdul Aziz expressed his sincere appreciation to those in charge of military retirement services, saying: “We served our country for years without expecting anything in return and we thank Allah that our nation cares about us. I would like to express my gratitude for those responsible in providing these services at the Department of Finance.”