Salwa Zeidan Gallery to launch its newest collective exhibition

June 24, 2014 11:45 am

Salwa Zeidan Gallery will be launching its newest collective exhibition on the 25th of June, the gallery’s press team announced.

The group exhibition, ‘Expanding Horizons I’ will be bringing a new touch in their standard exhibiting pattern, by bringing artworks together not by its thematic background, but rather by their high quality, fresh profile and affordable prices.

“We wanted to make something a bit different than usual, by combining affordable pieces by our young and emerging artists with high quality prints and works by our well known artists,” explains Salwa Zeidan, gallery director. “This way, we want to invite all the art lovers to become our collectors. Abu Dhabi is a city of vast opportunities and all kinds of riches, and we know that there are so many people here craving to invest in art. Our idea was to offer them some encouragement through this exhibition and to show them that the high quality art can be enjoyed, owned and purchased also for an affordable price,” added.

The gallery will also organize series of talks on art collecting by renowned expert in the field with more than a decade of experience of working for auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Naturally, the ‘expanding of the horizons’ will not be directed only towards collectors, but also towards artists. The exhibition is expected to include, among others: Rahul Dutta, Adonis, Omar Zeidan, Hwang Seong Woo, Fatema Al Mazrouie, Joëlle A Kurdy, Alice Al Khatib, Marc Guiragossian, Rose Husseiny, Nasser Palangi and Abdul Badi.

The artworks will range between paintings, various sized sculptures, high-quality prints and installations, all carefully selected by the gallery’s director. During the course of exhibition, the attention will also be placed on several new artists.

“The summer collective is a perfect opportunity for these young artists to showcase their work, and our gallery will do its best to promote them during this period and prepare them for the upcoming season. This will be our way to make their art more visible and expand horizons for their future artistic endeavors,” concludes Salwa Zeidan.

The ‘Expanding Horizons I’ will open at Salwa Zeidan Gallery on June 25th at 6.30 pm and remain on display until 5th of September.

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