Works Ministry rehabilitates four governmental buildings
15/06/2014 11:56 am EDT

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MoW’s Assistant Undersecretary for Construction Projects & Maintenance Eng. Mona Al Motawa revealed that the Ministry’s Building Maintenance Directorate, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, has commenced the implementation of phase 1 of the program aiming to increase the efficiency of resources and energy usage in governmental buildings.

‘The Ministry formed a team of engineers with various specializations, who studied the international standards and systems needed for the rehabilitation of governmental buildings. The team prepared a model with a number of strategies that operate in an integrated manner to increase the efficiency of buildings and reduce energy consumption by 25-30%,’ explained Al Motawa.

The Four buildings that have been selected to undergo rehabilitation works are the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs & Endowments, The Central Informatics Organization and the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies.

The program aiming to increase the efficiency of resources and energy usage in governmental buildings comprises of replacing the present lighting system with LED lights that save energy, implementing water taps with half flow sensors, using double glass with heatproof for windows and surface insulators. Bids will soon be invited for all works in a public tender, after which implementation and evaluation will take place to measure the efficacy of the program.

The Ministry of Works previously participated in the Optimal Energy Use Program in 5 governmental schools.

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