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Posted on Thu Jul 25 2013

Ask any VC or entrepreneur, a strong team is very important for a start-up’s success. When recruiting, you are not only taking an employee on board, but setting the foundation and hiring key drivers for your venture. But how do you go about building the team that will steer your business towards your vision?

Below are some great videos from the web about finding the right fit for your start-up.



Smart recruitment

This brief video by OnlineMBA.com shares useful tips on how start-ups can leverage their network to make essential hires and key considerations when evaluating potential employees.


Finding the right fit

Keith Cline, founder of Dissero and Venture Fizz, gives OpenView Venture Partners a great outline of the initial steps start-ups should take before recruitment and the desired characteristics of a potential employee. It all starts with planning!


The crucial first

Recruiting your first employee will the set the foundation for your future hires, says David Waxman, serial entrepreneur and startup mentor. In this video, he talks to docstocTV about what start-ups should look for in their first recruit.   


Steps for first hire

More tips on finding the first employee. Josh Hartwell, CEO of MobileDeluxe, shares his insights with docstocTV on how start-ups can be well-prepared before inking that first job offer letter.


Budget hiring

Most start-ups don’t have the resources to offer the large paycheck or attractive benefits that draw talent to larger organisations. So how do you convince candidates that your company is the one they want to work for? In this video by the Entrepreneur magazine, entrepreneurs and business advisors share strategies start-ups can use to recruit great talent at a budget.


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