Medical professionals from Oman and Estonia discuss innovation in medicine and next generation e-health
12/04/2014 12:16 pm EDT

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To support the annual ICT exhibition COMEX 2014, Nortal held an e-health seminar “Innovation in Medicine. Next Generation e-Health” at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat. The speakers included Mr. Margus Tsahkna, Chairman of Omani-Estonian Parliamentary Group; Mr. Mart Einasto, Member of the Executive Board of Tartu University Hospital; Mrs. Kati Korm, Head of IT Development Departement at Tartu University Hospital, and Mr. Taavi Einaste, Head of eHealth Business Unit at Nortal.

In his opening words, Mr. Margus Tsahkna, Chairman of Omani-Estonian Parliamentary Group, reflected on the similarities of Oman and Estonia, and also on the need to be smart and efficient.

“Due to its size, historical and geographical reasons, Estonia was forced to be smart. We believe Estonian e-solutions can be of use here in Oman, and let me assure you, the Estonian government is behind the Estonian companies such as Nortal that export their know-how and expertise to Oman,” said Mr. Tsahkna.

Mr. Mart Einasto, Member of the Executive Board of Tartu University Hospital spoke about the trends, developments and challenges in health sector. Mr. Einasto emphasised that the hospitals must develop different high tech areas to help drive and drigger the change in global health care.

“The worldwide trend of aging population and rising costs should drive us to be more innovative and effective. Also, while the prevention in healthcare and personalised medicine offer new business oportunities today, we need to think one step ahaed. We are convinced that National Medical Record is one of the solutions to drigger innovation,” stated Mr. Einasto.

Mrs Kati Korm, Head of IT Development Departement at Tartu University Hospital, gave a presentation on Estonian e-Health experience from hospital IT perspective. Mrs Korm stressed that the success of a medical IT-solution depends mainly on the fact whether the system is beneficial to all counterparts – the government, doctors and patients.

“The Estonian National Medical Record is a success-story because the features of the system benefit all parties – it offers more information for clinical decision making, avoids duplicate tests and images, and it exceeds the public expectation on using more modern technology including apps for smartphones and tablets,” concluded Mrs. Korm.

Mr. Taavi Einaste, Head of eHealth Business Unit at Nortal spoke of how to enable smooth cooperation between hospital information systems and National Health Registry.

“We were happy to learn that although hospital information systems cannot be directly transfered from one hospital to another, the similarities between for example Tartu University Hospital and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital are bigger than the similarities between Estonian and Finnish hospital systems. Operating in different countries and validating our experience from Estonian success story into international projects enables Nortal to take the good experiences but also to capitalise on the weaknesses from Estonian medical systems, to build even better solutions for our intenational customers. So we have a lot to offer for Omani healthcare sector,” stated Mr. Einaste.

The audience of approximately 30 people included representatives from Ministry of Health, the Royal Hospital, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, and Armed Forces Hospital. The audience was additionally interested in data security and privacy issues, as well as standardisation of medical data.

Next Nortal eHealth seminar on National Medical Record is to take place in October, 2014, in Muscat, Oman.

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