VIDEO: First impressions of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

August 25, 2017 6:35 am

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Selina Wang discuss the key new features on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

“I love the big screen. Being able to replace your tablet and your computer by just one device and everybody will love that.” This is how Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman commented on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

Gurman said that when Note 7 was launched everybody loved it until it started exploding. “So as long as they fix the exploding part I think they are in good shape,” he said.

Gurman believes that the exploding issue won’t impact sales. “It’s going be a joke when it hits the stores in the first few weeks people are going to talk about it. People have been laughing about it for the last year. But I am sure Samsung will be laughing at the end,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s Selina Wang quoted D J koh, Smasung Mobile Chief, saying that Samsung will never forget what happened.  “We thank our fans for inspiring us and move us forward,” he said.


By Mujeeb Rahman
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