by Reda Raad

by Ali Nehme
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Upload key from STC multiplies data upload and transmission speed

June 3, 2014 1:54 pm

STC has offered its customers the Upload key for those who want to double online date speeds. This would allow customers upload and send large files or huge attachments via e-mail.

The key also enables reducing the time of adding photo albums on the Facebook and Instagram in a few seconds. For those interested in online e-games the key makes the internet interact with the customer lightning fast to defeat and outdo competitors.

The service allows customers double data speeds such that the customer who has an internet speed of 10 mega the upload key he will have data upload speed of 5 mega; a customer with an internet speed of 20 mega, with the upload key he would be able to upload data at a speed of 10 mega; a customer who has an internet speed of 40 mega can upload data at 20 mega while a customer with internet speed of 100 mega would be able to upload data at a speed of 40 mega; and the one having an internet speed of 200 mega can upload data at a speed of 80 mega with the new upload key.

The first month of subscription will be free where the price of service following the free month would become SAR 49 per month.

For more information about the service customers can call 907 or visit one of STC customer service offices spread all over the kingdom