Aspire Zone Foundation announces 2 year anniversary of The Torch Doha Hotel
16/12/2013 8:59 am EDT

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THE TORCH DOHA, member of Leading Hotels of the World is preparing to celebrate two years in operation in the 5-star luxury hotel market, as the flagship project situated at the heart of Doha’s Sport City, Aspire Zone.
The Torch Doha opened its doors to public in January 2012 and is designed to provide exclusive access to latest in-room technology, fine dining and International caliber sporting and leisure facilities.

In the second year of operation the hotel succeeded to position itself among the top luxury hotels in Doha in terms of service, occupancy levels and revenue.

Moreover, on the operational side, the property has hosted meetings and conferences as well as world-class sports teams and personalities throughout the two years. Many of them have declared that hotel facilities and Aspire Zone training amenities have exceeded their expectations and will definitely return to Doha. Due to its convenient location, THE TORCH is able to service the highest sporting demands ranging from accommodating sports delegations during major sports events or training and pre-competition camps.

Recently THE TORCH DOHA has received world acclaim, recognized as Global Winner at World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013 in the “Luxury Rooftop View Hotel” category at a Gala Dinner and awards ceremony at Indigo Pearl Resort Phuket, Thailand.

World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013 welcomed some of the world’s top hoteliers & leading decision-makers. The spotlight was turned on some of the world’s most sought after hotels, lodges and resorts. The 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards voting was based on a country, continent and global basis. Each luxury hotel could participate in 1 up to 3 most appropriate categories from a selection of 50 categories available. The hotels in turn were competing within the category/categories selected on a country, continent and global basis. Properties that received the most votes won on the global basis. Final results were based on votes cast by travellers.

Hotel Manager, Mr. Sherif Sabry declared: “It is an amazing achievement to receive worldwide recognition at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013. We were honoured to represent the region at this year’s ceremony. Moreover, it is extremely encouraging for our property to have been highly recognized on the global hospitality scene.”

Marinique de Wet Director of the World Luxury Hotel Awards commented: “Our belief is that service excellence is the most critical factor in a hotel’s measure as a luxury hotel and winning a World Luxury Hotel Award would enhance performance levels if industry peers can be judged against other major players in the field. We can always be inspired to greater levels of excellence meaning exceeding customer’s expectations and paying attention to detail.”

Another remarkable achievement of the hotel is the award for “Best New Hotel Construction & Design” received at the 2013 Inte