VFS Global opens new Schengen visa centre in Saudi Arabia
02/06/2014 9:45 am EDT

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Saudi-based VFS Global Etimad Centre has announced the opening of a new visa centre for all the Schengen countries in the kingdom, Arab News has reported. The firm has invested around SR80 to provide the best facilities, services and environment for customers, said president of Al-Etimad Modern Business Solutions Co, Prince Faisal Abdullah Al-Faisal. “We have almost 14 countries that offer visa services at the Etimad centre, including six Schengen countries: France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Malta, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. Canada is set to join the visa centre soon and New Zealand will join the UK visa centre,” he said. “We have provided a one-stop centre for customers to receive visas for all the Schengen countries in the kingdom,” he added.

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