New board for Entrepreneurs Forum elected Al Sirkal appointed Chairman and Lootah Deputy Chairman

December 3, 2008 1:25 pm

Mrs. Rehab Lootah as a Deputy Chairman; Abdul Saheb Al Sajwani as a Secretary; Ali Habib Al Khalsan as a Treasurer; and Donia Baljaflah, Azza Al Qubaisi, Hazzaa Al Mansouri, Ali Sultan Al Haddad, Fahad Al Sirkal, Fahad Al Salami and Ahmad Al Salami as members of the new Board of Directors.

“The next stage requires concerted efforts to develop and promote SMEs; therefore, our top priorities are to encourage and support the UAE nationals to have an active role in the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates, to provide facilities for these enterprises, to communicate with all government and private organizations for the support of entrepreneurs who are members of the Entrepreneurs Forum and to adopt their ideas and aspirations,”

Al Sirkal said.

Mr. Abul Saheb Al Sajwani, as the secretary of the board, pointed out the achievements made by the Forum including the signing of two cooperation agreements with Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders and Mawarid Finance Group of Companies, saying that there is a third agreement to be signed with Ajman Businesswomen Council by the current board of directors. He also indicated various forums during the previous board such as the first edition of Young Business Leaders Forum, the second edition of the same forum held in Ras Al Khaimah, the Emirati Women Forum and the Spanish Concessions Forum in cooperation with the Spanish consulate.

Mrs. Rehab Lootah, as a deputy chairman of the board, said that the new board will build on the successes and accomplishments achieved by the previous board, and will continue efforts for marketing the Forum through trade fairs and exhibitions inside the country such as Career Fair, GITEX and others. Mrs. Rehab added that we will make endeavors to maximize the number of members estimated now at 1000 throughout the United Arab Emirates.

“One of the significant assignments of the elected board is to make a list of the 3000 factories operating in the countries and to approach them in order to be members of the EF by explaining the benefits of such membership; other assignments are to build a database for all licensed companies throughout the United Arab Emirates and to maximize the revenues of the Forum by sponsoring activities and holding training courses and workshops,” Mrs. Rehab explained.

“I have a package of proposals to be submitted to the Board; this package aims to market and promote the Forum at the e-forums, to create a permanent platform about SMEs at the media, to communicate actively with all media and to prepare publications about activities, objectives and membership benefits of the Forum.” Mrs. Rehab concluded.