Tetra Pak Arabia appoints Environment Manager

March 27, 2008 7:51 am

Based in Jeddah, Angawi will be responsible for driving Tetra Pak Arabia’s post consumer beverage carton recycling initiative across Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in partnership with local paper mills, waste management companies, municipalities, NGOs and government authorities.

In his new role, Angawi will be working towards continuously improving Tetra Pak’s environmental performance, based on the company’s environmental policy, and ensuring that global standard practices are implemented and adhered to.

Reflecting their motto ‘Protects What’s Good’, Tetra Pak aims to provide environmentally sound products to millions of people worldwide and in the region by sourcing its carton fiber from renewable sources and increasingly recycling its post consumer cartons.

Globally, Tetra Pak is committed to reach 25% recycling targets this year and reduce their CO2 commissions by 10% by 2010.

The Tetra Pak Arabia factory in Jeddah, which is certified with environmental standards such as the ISO 14000, recycles 100% of their factory waste, and further ascertains the clearance of their hazardous waste to disposal companies approved by the government in Saudi Arabia.