Tharawat Investment House appoints Khalid Alkhayat as Director of Corporate Communications

September 17, 2008 10:48 am

This move is part of the firm’s plan to attract highly qualified professionals by international standards capable of developing and offering high levels of products and services.

Alkhayat comes to Tharawat with a wealth of professional experience spanning some 22 years which he spent in Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco), which he joined in February 1987 and his career took him to become Media, Events and Community Relations Officer. He also joined Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) in September 2005 for three years as Senior Manager Corporate Communications.

On this occasion, Mr. Arif Mohd Al Alawi, Tharawat Chief Executive Officer, expressed his optimism at the skills of the young leadership that joined the firm since its launch recently.

Al Alawi said:

“Attracting the young Bahraini leaderships is considered as one of our most important strategic objectives as our human resources on the senior or executive levels are considered as the most previous wealth we have in Tharawat.”

“Mr. Khalid Alkhayat has joined Tharawat, as did others before him, in yet another confident move in the right direction to achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves in the very near future,” he added.

Concluding, Mr. Al Alawi said, “On behalf of all the TIH family I wish to personally welcome Mr. Alkhayat who is considered as a valuable asset to our firm and we are fully confident of his ability to carry out his duties at the highest possible level. All Tharawat family members join me in welcoming him and assure him of our strong support to succeed in his new job duties.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Khalid Mohammed Alkhayat, Tharawat Director Corporate Communications expressed his pleasure at joining TIH and said:

“I am very delighted to join Tharawat, operating in full compliance with Islamic Sharia’a, which is considered as a crucial element in seizing the opportunity to join it.”

“I was really impressed by the warm welcome that I received from all Tharawat family since my arrival at the temporary headquarters in Seef District. I was also pleased to notice the cohesion of this family for whom I hope to succeed in carrying out my new duties,” he added.

Mr. Al Khayat is a holder of several degrees and qualifications in corporate communications and media, and has attended numerous training courses in Bahrain and overseas covering different aspects of journalism and public relations. Previously he was a regular contributor to the local press as he used to publish a weekly column in the Bahrain daily Al Ayam in addition to another weekly column in the Bahraini magazine “Sada Al Ysbou”. Before taking up his recent job in banking he was actively involved in electronic editorial work.

Tharawat Investment House (Tharawat), based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), was launched in July 2008 as a Sharia’a compliant investment company.

Tharawat authorized capital is $100m and paid up capital of $33.25m. Tharawat focuses on offering investment products covering three main sectors namely the industrial sector, agricultural sector and service sector and with a lesser degree the real estate sector.