TJS appoints a chief technology officer

December 16, 2008 2:31 pm

The appointment is part of TJS’s restructuring and repositioning as a technology-based solutions provider and follows two other senior appointments announced recently – that of Gabriel Nasser as CEO and Johnny Hazboun as CMO.

It also comes as part of TJS’s expansion, reflecting the particular importance of the company’s products and services in times of financial crisis.

Prezioso, who holds an M.A. in Computer Science from Boston University, comes with more than 10 years’ experience in providing technical and management leadership for numerous companies in the architecture, design, and development of software from inception to production.

As co-founder of Solvent Solutions Inc., he was the visionary and principal designer of its enterprise security management product.

Prior to joining TJS, Prezioso was Director of Research and Development for Preventive Medicine LLC, Bethesda MD, where he launched the IT organization, helped define product strategy, and oversaw the development of the company’s flagship Health and Wellness product.

He also worked as Director of Engineering for Denali Solutions LLC, Columbia MD, where he led product development and the company’s transition to next generation technologies, which enabled the doubling of the company’s revenue growth.

Commenting on Prezioso’s appointment, Gabriel Nasser, CEO of TJS said:

“As a seasoned information technology executive and entrepreneur who is well versed in creating enterprise level software design, Mr. Prezioso will be instrumental in solidifying and expanding TJS’s current and future products.”

Prezioso’s mandate is to apply his expertise and TJS’s deployment record and know-how in developing next generation products that are focused on tracking and tracing high-value items throughout their life-cycle.

TJS’s platform will be an integrated approach to delivering security and traceability to industries with such clear needs.

TJS, which has been successfully deploying its track-and-trace solutions for high-value items since 2006, recently added six new deployments to its growing list – a 10% growth in less than three months.

This further establishes firmly TJS’s track and trace solution as the world’s largest RFID deployment for jewellery, with over 2 million tagged jewellery items.