Etisalat Academy appoints Australian Management Guru as new General Manager

February 3, 2009 11:59 am

David is now responsible for the Etisalat Academy’s national and regional operations, tasked with implementing ever higher benchmarks of excellence in talent development, knowledge transfer and training.

David brings 23 years’ experience to the post which he gained from providing business management and leadership expertise to organizations across Australia.

Commenting on the appointment, Ali Al Sharid, CEO, Etisalat Services Holding, stated:

“We are delighted to welcome a professional with David’s extensive experience to the Etisalat Academy. David will now steer the Etisalat Academy on a new course, whilst maintaining the commitment and values that have helped to establish it as a hub of learning excellence in the Middle East.”

David joins Etisalat Academy after handling various leadership roles in government organizations in Australia. In 2002, he was appointed General Manager for Development and Marketing at the Institute of Public Administration Australia. He was then named acting-Chief Executive Officer for the Institute where he planned and implemented a regional expansion programme to build four new centres and increased individual membership by 45%. As a result of these actions, the Institute saw a massive 240% increase in revenues and won the Queensland Marketing Institute Branding Award.

Following his success in this role, David was appointed Director of People Capability at the Public Service Commission. Here he led an ambitious change management programme to define the organisation’s purpose and to realign the business accordingly.

During his early career, David brought his expertise to the field of youth development, assisting young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve employment and morefully contribute to society. David made a major contribution to efforts to improve literacy in youth communities within his home state of Queensland.

As well as helping many young people to realise their potential, David also played a key part in the development of future leaders in both business and politics. One example is the role he played as an advisor to the Honorable Kevin Rudd MP the current Australian Prime Minister, during the late 1990’s.

The Etisalat Academy, a subsidiary of Etisalat Services Holding, was established in 2000 to become the premier hub of training excellence in the Middle East. It offers vocational, management and technical training solutions, consultancy services and personal assessment for professionals across all industries and in all stages of their career.

The Academy provides courses in telecom engineering, information technology, systems administration, management, total quality management, accounting, finance and many others, including capacity development programs. It is also the exclusive distributor of the United Nation’s initiative ‘EasyLearning’ in the Middle East and North Africa region, a unique platform initiated by the UN to bring learning to developing communities and bridge the digital divide.