Royal Jet strengthens its senior management team with financial aviation specialist

December 16, 2009 11:56 am

Richard Roth, a finance expert and industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, hails from London and has a strong background in business management. He has worked in a number of financial positions in both ICI and Guinness, and has previously worked overseas, spending 5 years in France.

But of particular interest to Royal Jet is his experience in the aviation sector. Between 1999 and 2005 he was a member of easyJet’s executive management team, initially providing financial support to the business. He was a key member of the team delivering the successful IPO, secondary offerings and the purchase of Go-Fly; he also performed financial due diligence on the acquisition of a number of other smaller airlines. In 2003, Mr Roth was promoted to Business Development Manager. Reporting to easyJet’s CEO, Mr Roth was responsible for the design and delivery of the airline’s largest cost reduction programme, aimed at substantially reducing the airport cost base of around AED2 billion (including developing innovative check-in processes). In his final role, he was responsible for the profit optimisation of the 115 aircraft operation, significantly increasing the underlying profitability of easyJet’s schedule.

In 2006, Mr Roth set up a consultancy firm, Consulting 4 Aviation to provide strategic direction to both start-up and established airline and airport clients. He worked with easyJet (UK), MaxJet (US), SpiceJet (India), Macquaire Airports (UK), Pegasus (Turkey), NAS (Saudi Arabia) MyWay/Myair (Italy), SkyEurope (Slovakia), Pantheon (Greece) and Squarcle (France) on a range of projects, reviewing their business models, commercial practices and operations, and setting up management policies and processes.

President & CEO Shane O’Hare welcomed Richard Roth to Royal Jet, saying “Richard joins the company at an auspicious time in its history. With his vast experience in the aviation sector, he will play an important role in helping to set the strategic direction for the company over the next few years, given the highly competitive environment in which we operate. He will obviously be very busy scrutinising every aspect of our operations, and, I am sure, will bring some innovative ideas and fresh thinking to Royal Jet as we prepare to build on our success in the continuance of our 2012 plan,” O’Hare concluded.