BMC Software appoints Alessandro Raffa as new Software Consulting Manager

February 16, 2010 11:08 am

Alessandro Raffa will be responsible for all strategic consultancy programs undertaken by BMC in the two geographies; his primary objective will be to demonstrate to customers – both current and potential – the value of BMC solutions in aligning IT to the necessities of their own organization, and in maximizing the advantage of technical infrastructure in order to achieve their business objectives.

The nomination of Alessandro Raffa to the leadership of advance sales activities in Italy and the Middle East is part of a program brought about to promote the development of the capabilities and competence of the team, led by Italian Country Manager Gianfranco Naso, and it follows the recent announcement of the transition of his predecessor, Silvio Rugolo, to the head of the Software Consulting organization in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“The Software Consulting organization specializes in the activity of sales support and supplies consultancy, matching multiple solutions to our Business Service Management strategies,” explained Alessandro Raffa. “Today it is essential for BMC Software to be able to differentiate its own proposition through activities not only in technology extension, but also in assessment and verification. Together, these can demonstrate to our customers a return connected to the use of our concrete and measurable platform.”

Alessandro Raffa graduated in computer science engineering at the Università degli Studi di Catania and began his professional career in the area of university research, taking advantage of his knowledge of programming, databases and systems management in his subsequent work experience. In 1997, he joined the Network and System Integration Services Division of the Digital Equipment Corporation as a software specialist for network infrastructure; he then moved to the Global Services Division of Compaq Computers, where he primarily took care of Intranet/Internet architecture planning in the area of parametric security and system management.

In 2002, he began his relationship with BMC Software where he was firstly Solution Architect in the area of Professional Services and, since 2003, Software Consultant in the area of Italian advance sales (Software Consulting).

“The current market gives BMC an important challenge because today as never before the benefits that our solutions can bring – in terms of infrastructure optimization, cost reduction and performance improvement – are heavily demanded by customers,” commented Alessandro Raffa. “The Advance Sales team that has been entrusted to me is composed of high level professionals, who are extremely competent and in a position to yet again demonstrate the leadership of BMC in the market.”

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